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When you shop at Backyard Bees NC, you’ll find a selection of quality produced goods, suitable for every need. Browse our catalog to start shopping.


Pure Spring Wildflower Honey

Pure Raw Local honey, $10 lb.
Sold Out

Pure Raw Local NC  honey



Saskatraz-Buckfast and Italian lines

Our locally mated stock derived from Saskatraz, Buckfast and Italian lines
$65 + shipping
Limited availability


Nucleus Hives

Gentle- Locally mated Bees

Spring Nucs
Spring of 2023.
Each nuc features three frames of brood, and 2 frames of food, with a newly laying queen open mated from our gentle stock derived from Italians, Carnolians, Buckfast, Saskatraz, Russian lineage.
Reserve now limited availability.
Overwintered nucs $265 limited availability

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